The Concept
In the Freegan Food Café everything is made from, what is considered, waste products:
Vegetables thrown away by (super)markets Furniture thrown away by their owners
Anyone can come in:
Poor, rich, white, black;
it doesn’t matter what you believe
Eventually everybody needs to eat, and we rather do that together.
By eating and drinking at the Freegan Food Café you automaAcally donate to the Freegan Food Lunches. Everyday 100 lunches will be made and offered to areas on St. Maarten where people are in need of basic essentials.
Everyday there will be a plant-based breakfast and lunch made with veggies the Freegan Food Café (FFC) gets from (super)markets and restaurants on the island, their leL-overs will be the base of our meals. So no set meal plans, we offer whatever is available at that moment, we reuse tomorrow what is leLover from today. In that way, we cut down on (food)waste.
But always fresh, homemade and delicious
The FFC is designed to limit waste as much as possible. So the interior will be a marketplace for furniture. Every chair you are sitting on, every table you eat at or plate you eat from is second hand and for you to buy if you want.
Once you get to know the FFC you will probably want to learn how to cook in the same way the chefs do. So there will workshops in plant-based cooking, in how to re-use your waste, lectures about how to cut down on waste. Anything that fits the objective from the FFC:
Our goal is to offer an environment where everyone is welcome
everyone can experience that respect for yourself, for each other,
the island,
your health,
the animals
and for the environment is
and most important:

Who are we?
We are two lovers: we love food, we love animals, we love the world and we love St. Maarten.
We lived on the island of St. Maarten from 2010 to 2012, were teachers for Motiance Dance School and used to teach in all public high schools on the Dutch Side of St. Maarten. Our last production we did on this island was called:
Blown Away
Little did we know that Irma would blow us back.
Being both former musical theater artists, we also developed a love for plantbased food. While running an eco friendly hotel on Saba in 2012/2013, we were searching for the most eco friendly way of living. Soon we found out that living a plant-based lifestyle was the best thing we could do for the planet.
By choosing to eat plant-based foods we drastically cut our carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. With the wealth of available plant-based options available, it has never been easier to eat with the planet in mind.
We went back to Holland in 2013. Joost to study yoga and natural health and DJ to explore the opportunities of becoming a vegan chef. We now own a so called ‘in-house restaurant’ called:
Bij de Jongens op ’t Zand
Where people can come and join a delicious 3-course plant-based meal every Saturday. Sitting all together at one big table, not only food is shared, also thoughts, ideas, inspiration, laughter and many personal stories.

Why a Freegan Food Café?
We have been sharing out food on St. Maarten in the month of February 2018 as a form of relief after hurricane Irma hit.
During these Free Vegan Food Shares we came across areas where there is a lot of poverty. Where people do not have running water, where being able to provide enough food is a challenge and where big family’s live in houses that are smaller than a regular (Dutch) bedroom.
Trying to even think of health in an environment like that is impossible. Evenso, choosing between going to McDonald’s and getting your kids a Happy Meal for only $ 2,95 or going to the supermarket and getting your kids some broccoli for $ 3,95 doesn’t make it easier.
While we were on the island in February, the dump caught fire badly. For a week it was almost impossible to cross Philipsburg without feeling sick. Schools and government buildings where closed and tourists were told not to leave the cruise ship to go into town. We were teaching at NIA at that time, and our classes were canceled, while those were meant to be a relief for the children!
So with all the waste on fire, the idea rose to cut down on waste, and how to do so. With our passion being food and health, this was the best way to combine everything together. To make a plan where businesses work together, waste gets cut down, people get jobs and free food.

What will we do?
Everyday we will serve plant-based breakfast and lunch at the FFC. The profit will be used to make the free lunches for the people in need.
We will bring free plant-based lunches to areas where it is impossible for people to come to the FFC.
Workshops will be organized to help people to cut down on waste, learn how to live a vegan lifestyle in the Caribbean.
Lectures will be held, keeping in mind the planet, our health and the animals.
The café itself will be a market, where you can buy the furniture, the utensils, the plates your eating from. The lampshade, the painting on the wall, everything is for sale to be re-used. A second-hand store. Freegan Food Cafe


http://helpendehanden.nu donated 500,- for our food share project! We are extremely grateful! Thanks to Liesbeth for introducing us. 👍🏿 up for this amazing donation! http://www.helpsxm.org



Sint Maarten, September 6, 2017. Everyone who loves and cares for Sint Maarten will remember this day.

It was the day hurricane Irma hit the tropical island. It was devastating. No building was without damage, so much was destroyed. It took some time for help to be underway, and The Netherlands started a fundraising campaign that reached 13 million euros, as the country wanted to help. But for DJ and Joost, this was not enough.
DJ and Joost live in Sleeuwijk since 15 years, where they manage Bij de Jongens Op ’t Zand (“With The Boys on the Sand”) with a plant-based at-home restaurant. In 2010, they traded their home temporarily for three years in the Caribbean. They lived and worked on Sint Maarten for two years, teaching musical theater in the island’s public schools. They also lived on Saba for a year, managing a hotel. Because of this, they have a strong connection with the islands and its inhabitants.
When DJ and Joost heard about the monster hurricane approaching the islands, they followed the news day and night , fearing for the lives of their friends. When the hurricane left the destroyed islands, they spent their time connecting people with the help of internet and phone, spreading information and updates when communication on the island was extremely hard.

DJ: ” Through Facebook I found ways to inform people and let them know how others were doing. There was a curfew the first few weeks, no-one was allowed to leave their house or shelter. Sometimes people had no idea how others were doing on the island. There was little possibility for communication, and it appeared to be easier to inform people via Holland, letting them know if family members were safe; if their business was still there, etcetera. By making connections, and forwarding notifications from the government, we could help. Sometimes with something as simple as letting them know that there was a clean water distribution point down the street.”

However, helping from a distance was not enough for DJ and Joost. They wanted to go to the island to help – but through earlier volunteer experiences they knew that it was better to wait for a request for help than to travel without a plan. When Mercedes de Windt from Animal Defenders Sint Maarten called for help to give out free meals to those who had no food, the decision was made.

In December 2017 DJ and Joost started to collect donations for the ingredients of the meals. As experienced plant-based chefs, they decided to create 100 meals three times a week, and distribute the food in the areas where help was most needed.
Joost: “It was heart-warming to experience how many people wanted to help. One night, we had a guest in our at-home restaurant, and as we spoke about our project, this gentleman offered to pay our tickets. That was an incredible moment.”

And so on February 4, 2018, both men travelled to Sint Maarten. Arriving on the island was very emotional. Everything was broken, every building damaged. Houses were gone, businesses wiped out. “Sometimes we drove past a parking lot, and we realized later that there used to be a building.” But DJ says there was no time to sit down and cry. “The day after our arrival we inspected our temporary kitchen, and within two hours we had orders for 50 meals for a shelter for elderly people, and 60 orders for people in emergency situations. As always, things are not going as you expect on the island, but this time it was positive. We thought we would prepare meals 3 days a week, but in the end we cooked 100 meals 5 days a week, for 5 weeks. At first we thought strict plant-based meals would be a problem, but the feed-back was only positive, as people were so happy with fresh fruits and vegetables.”

After 5 weeks of hard work, DJ and Joost returned to Sleeuwijk with mixed feelings. “We had the feeling to desert people.”, says Joost. “DJ didn’t want to leave. Fortunately he went home, to be able to process everything.” But there still was the feeling he wanted to go back. So DJ will return this summer, for the same project and goal: hand out as many nutritious, healthy meals as possible. Of course funds are needed to do this. Where will they get those? By cooking for people in Sleeuwijk and surroundings, or anyone willing to drive to ’t Zand to get a ready-made meal. Every Monday and Thursday you can pre-order a meal. For 15 euro, you will get a liter of home-made soup and an entree for two. All plant-based, of course.

The fundraiser is running since a few weeks and is very successful, but to be able to cook for SXM the whole summer we need more funds. Sint Maarten is part of Holland, and at the moment there are people living in devastating circumstances on the island. Here is a way to do something for yourself in the form of a delicious meal, and at the same time helping others.

Would you like to help? Go to the FB page Helpsxm, or the website helpsxm.org to order a meal. Because you have to eat anyway!



Volunteers wanted for Juli, August and September. Do you have a heart full of love? You don’t mind to work hard in an inspiring and loving environment? Help us help! Contact us! Don’t be shy. ❤️ #freeganfoodcafe #volunteers #helpsxm #foodshare #veganfoodshare #freeganfoodshare #help #stmaarten #sxm #frontstreet #artsandcraftcafe #irma #postirma #cooking #helping #sustainable #sustainablefoodshare #green #environment #spirituality #amen #wewantyou #sharingiscaring #countyourblessings #okay #dontworrybehappy #toiletpaper


we were in the Dutch newspaper last week:



This week we will also cook for St Maarten. Every Monday and Thursday you can pick up your meal between five and seven for only €15. But you have to make a reservation so we know how much we need to prepare. Please help us help. Spread the word!


remember Constanzia? The elderly lady we found without a roof over her head? (Still after 6 months). Well our angel Drae went there last Monday and now she’s finally getting a new roof over her head, watch the video:


We just received amazing news! Queen’s Gardens resort and spa is going to sponsor sustainable containers for our food share. So no more styrofoam, but biodegradable containers. We are really very happy and grateful!




Dear friends, I will be back in July to continue our daily sustainable food share project. Therefor I need volunteers who are willing and able to help me with preparing the food in the mornings and sharing it out early afternoon. As long as we get funding we are able to continue this project. For more info check our website http://www.helpsxm.org or this video: https://www.facebook.com/awellfedworld/videos/10156362145678296/


We are happy and proud to announce that “Plenty Food” is now also supporting our vegan food share project. We will continue our work for the people of St. Maarten in June! For DONATIONS: NL15TRIO0197992579 DJ Jansen or through PayPal: http://www.helpsxm.org We will donate our time, skills and love. Please help us help!


And so the journey continues. We are going to keep helping our friends in the Caribbean. More details later. Watch the video:


an amazing article in the daily Herald:


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoYidhHxwjaw_DXFfbT_TUw lots of videos of our relief work on st Maarten at our YouTube channel!


We are so grateful that a Well-Fed World is now one of our sponsors. https://www.facebook.com/awellfedworld/videos/10156362145678296/


Time flies, there is so much that we can do here and so much that needs to be done. Right now we are exploring the possibilities of staying longer. Funding is most important. DJ shares a lot of stuff on his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fdirkjan.jansen%2Fposts%2F2030166910334352&width=500

Click here for videos of the food share And there are also some videos online on our youtube channel: click here for our youtube channel It is not very easy to be online here very often because internet in general is very slow or not even working. We want to say thanks so much for supporting us and sharing our messages really helps and works! LOTS OF LOVE AND LIGHT, DJ and Joost


De verhalen beginnen te komen.

En dat het een zeer traumatische ervaring is geweest voor iedereen wordt me steeds duidelijker.

“De deur vloog open, ik rende de trap op, kon met veel pijn en moeite de deur dicht trekken toen de wind heel even wat minder was, snel een touw om de klink om te voorkomen dat ie nog een keer los vloog en ondertussen zag ik hoe het dak langzaamaan los begon te komen van het huis.”

En we luisteren naar de verhalen. Ik voel dat we ook daarvoor hier zijn. Dat deden we in 2005 na de tsunami in India namelijk ook. Naar de verhalen van de mensen luisteren en als het nodig is en als ze het willen een knuffel geven.

“De dagen na de orkaan waren soms vreselijk eng, met zoveel mensen die aan het plunderen waren, iedereen stond op de overleef stand. Omdat er zoveel kapot was, was je ook in je eigen huis soms niet veilig, als deuren en ramen ontbreken dan moet je jezelf en je gezin beschermen. Er was geen communicatie omdat internet, en elektriciteit soms weken ontbrak. Op een gegeven moment vaarde de marechaussee langs het eiland en ze riepen met megafoons om ons te waarschuwen voor de komst van nog een zware orkaan: Maria.”

In India noemde ik het getroffen gebied vaak een “Warzone”. Hier kan ik soms hetzelfde voelen, maar tegelijk voelt het ook zo anders omdat we hier gewoond hebben. We hebben overal herinneringen.

“Toen de orkaan voorbij was moest ik dat huis uit, ik had 24 uur samen met mijn hond opgesloten gezeten met iemand waar ik helemaal niet bij wilde zijn. Toen ik mijn auto zag wist ik dat ik geluk had, er lang geen boom, dak, of andere auto op. Ik wilde gaan rijden maar alle straten lagen vol met boten, auto’s, daken, bomen, golfplaat, zand en heel veel troep. Toen ik eindelijk kon gaan rijden reed ik echt letterlijk per ongeluk langs mijn beste vriend. Ik hoorde vanuit een andere auto mijn naam roepen en toen ik hem zag heb ik zo hard gehuild.”

For DONATIONS: NL15TRIO0197992579 DJ Jansen or through PayPal: http://www.helpsxm.org We will donate our time, skills and love. Please help us help!


From left to right Joost de Jong wearing NIA blue T-Shirt and Wearing Art heals T-Shirt Dirkjan De Jong.

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – National Institute of Arts (NIA) is proud to announce for ART HEALS 2018, the dynamic duo of Dirkjan Jansen de Jong and Joost de Jong, better known as DJ and Joost. The two dedicated and committed artist have committed significant portions of their lives to bringing and offering relief through their art.

Their self-less act of volunteerism, has taken them to tsunami ravaged India, and raising funds for victim of Japan after the earth quake in 2011. Now their commitment to giving back, returns them to St.Maarten.

Five years ago, DJ and Joost returned to the Netherlands after a very productive three years in St. Maarten where they worked as musical theatre teachers at Motiance Dance School Foundation with classes in Saba, Statia and St.Maarten.

Five years ago in February, their last project was the staging of a production entitled “Blown Away” now here they are five years later back in St.Maarten in February “Blown” back to our shores by the winds of changes that swept through the Caribbean called IRMA.

DJ and Joost are here with a mission. The two performing artists, now turned vegan chef and holistic wellness coach are here to offer St.Maarten their hearts, their talents, and their cooking skills.

Combining their love for musical theatre, and their love for healthy meals, DJ and Joost, will be collaborating with the National institute of Arts ART HEALS program to contribute to the recovery process of St.Maarten to help build back a stronger SXM.

Starting February 8 the DJ and Joost will kick of their philanthropic journey to SXM with a musical theatre workshop, open the community, free to all who wish to participate. This they will combine with offering and serving free vegan meals to the seniors and offering to families still living in Hurricane Shelters… the meals will be available at the National Institute of Arts located at the john Larmonie Center.

The high light of their time in St.Maarten will be the staging a musical Revue and Fundraising event at the Holland house on February 17. To benefit Animal Defenders and the National Institute of Arts ART HEALS program.

Classes and meals are available to all Free of charge and can be had at the National institute of arts for more details please visit or Facebook page or call NIA 1-721-543-0600.


Alpha & Omega Foundation is een van de recente locaties die verblijd is met cadeautjes uit Nederland #allIwantforchristmas



Check our vlogs here.


look at this beautiful flyer, thanks to Louisa Verwoert:



We are so grateful with our 100 (!!!!!) sponsors…. Did you see all the names? These heroes are all at our website. A big big thumbs up for all of you!!!! MASHA DANKI: https://helpsxm.org/sponsors/


1 lekkere maaltijd eten en 6 maaltijden doneren voor de mensen op St Maarten. Wij gaan op 20 januari in Zandvoort koken en zingen voor de mensen op St Maarten. We gaan in februari naar St Maarten om de mensen daar blij te maken met maaltijden en theaterlessen. Dmv deze charity etentjes halen we geld op zodat we de mensen daar kunnen helpen Klik hier voor het event en om je op te geven.


Daaaaaar issie dan! Het verslag van Hart van Nederland op onze Facebook page: Helpsxm 😍😍😍 Donaties voor de Vegan food Share zijn nog steeds keihard nodig: http://www.helpsxm.org of doneer op: NL15TRIO0197992579 tnv DJ Jansen de Jong. Voor 5,- Kun je al 1 plantaardige maaltijd doneren.



Als regisseur/coach van The Amstel Gospel Choir mocht ik tijdens hun fantastische kerst concert even een kort praatje houden over ons liefdadigheidsproject op St Maarten. Daar woonde ik 3 jaar en begin september is dat eiland zo vreselijk getroffen door orkaan Irma. De reacties van het publiek waren meer dan hartverwarmend en voor mij zelfs overwhelming te noemen. Ik mocht een mandje rond laten gaan en daar kon het publiek dan een kleine donatie in doen als ze wilden. Toen ik het resultaat zag was ik letterlijk in tranen. De achterban van het koor heeft zo ontzettend ruimhartig gedoneerd, namelijk 772,57 euro. Daar kunnen we op St Maarten echt zo enorm veel van doen en op deze manier wil ik dan ook iedereen die die avond aanwezig was uit de bodem van mijn hart bedanken. Niet alleen voor de donaties maar ook voor de hoeveelheid liefdevolle reacties. Ik ging op vleugels. Vind u het leuk om te zien wat we met uw geld doen volg ons dan op facebook via de pagina helpsxm of bezoek onze website: http://www.helpsxm.org



YESSSSSS! The tickets are booked thanks to Piet Priemis. We are going to help the people on St Maarten in February/March 2018. We can donate our time, love and skills and hope that all our friends can donate some money. Watch the video and check our website for donations: www.helpsxm.orgLots of love and thanks for helping, DJ and Joost Sharing is caring 


UPDATE! 🇸🇽🇸🇽🇸🇽

Heb jij gisteren een heerlijk Sinterklaaspakjesavond gevierd?
Ja, ook ik heb ervan genoten… heerlijk gevoel dat krijgen.

Vanavond ga ik ook een stapel doosjes versieren en vullen met zoveel fijns voor de kinderen op Sint Maarten!! Ze verdienen het!

Doe jij ook mee? We kunnen nog steeds doosjes gebruiken en hopen heel veel kinderen op Sint Maarten blij te maken. Duizenden kinderen zijn er…

Alle hulp en inzet wordt enorm gewaardeerd!

Hierbij nog even de inzamelpunten en contactinformatie op een rij:
🎁UTRECHT: op afspraak. Mailadres: mcqbakker81@gmail.com. Contactpersoon Maartje Bakker
🎁SLEEUWIJK: ’t Zand 31. Mailadres: djjansensxm@gmail.com. Contactpersoon Dirkjan Jansen de Jong
🎁ASSEN: bij Clikq het commerciële contact, ma.- vr. tussen 9- 16.30 of op afspraak in de avond. Op zat. tussen 10 en 12 uur. Mailadres: ilsa.halbesma@clikq.nl. Contactpersoon: Ilsa Halbesma
🎁DELFT: ma t/m vr 8-17 uur inleveren. Afspraak maken is niet nodig. Contactpersoon Babette Marree, zeeparel@smallsteps.nl

Deadline inleveren kerstcadeautjes voor kinderen op Sint Maarten is maandag 11 december a.s.! 💪🏻❤️

#youthsxm #sxmstrong #kerstgedachte #SintMaarten🇸🇽❤️💪🏻5D0E970C-8F56-4529-8428-A42077D9E766


Our dear friend Jeff Jhangiani helped us big time by sponsoring 40 (!!!!) classes! A big thumbs up and many many thanks for your support dear Jeff! The kids totally appreciate this generous gesture! Masha danki! Check our website if you like to support our work for the kids on st Maarten: http://www.helpsxm.org



UPDATE! 🇸🇽🇸🇽🇸🇽

Deadline inleveren kerstcadeautjes voor kinderen op Sint Maarten is maandag 11 december a.s.! 💪🏻❤️

🌟Op de Montessorischool Zeist, Wereldkidz heeft Eva van Oost al veel kinderen enthousiast gekregen en zijn vandaag de eerste dozen zelfs al ingeleverd! Geweldig! Meer dozen zullen volgen.

🌟Daarnaast heeft Babette Marree de kinderopvang locaties Smallsteps Delft aangespoord. De locatie waar zij werkt, alsook de scholen in hetzelfde gebouw doen mee! Tevens kunnen mensen in Delft via haar bij Smallsteps Delft terecht, om dozen in te leveren, want zij fungeren ook als inzamelpunt. Fantastisch fijn!

🌟Via Dorothe Van Gestel, doet leerkracht van groep 8, Ellen van Kindcentrum de Kiezel in Best, ook mee aan de kerstactie.

Enorm dankbaar voor al jullie inzet, enthousiasme en hulp! 🇸🇽🇸🇽🇸🇽

Wil jij meedoen? Laat het gerust weten! Hoe meer, hoe beter! Wij zorgen dat de kerstcadeautjes rechtstreeks bij de kinderen op Sint Maarten komen.

Hierbij nog even de inzamelpunten en contactinformatie op een rij:

🎁UTRECHT: op afspraak. Mailadres: mcqbakker81@gmail.com. Contactpersoon Maartje Bakker

🎁SLEEUWIJK: ’t Zand 31. Mailadres: djjansensxm@gmail.com. Contactpersoon Dirkjan Jansen de Jong

🎁ASSEN: bij Clikq het commerciële contact, ma.- vr. tussen 9- 16.30 of op afspraak in de avond. Op zat. tussen 10 en 12 uur. Mailadres: ilsa.halbesma@clikq.nl. Contactpersoon: Ilsa Halbesma

🎁DELFT: ma t/m vr 8-17 uur inleveren. Afspraak maken is niet nodig. Contactpersoon Babette Marree, zeeparel@smallsteps.nl

#youthsxm #sxmstrong #kerstgedachte #SintMaarten🇸🇽❤️💪🏻


Great news! Mirjam brought one beautiful box yesterday. Marijke will bring 7 today and Leanne will bring 60 soon!!!!! Yesssssss, that goes delicious! 😜 #helpsxm #sxmstrong #presentsforsxm


GEWELDIG NIEUWS!!!!! GREAT NEWS! Check the video, bekijk de video onder deze LINK20/11 UPDATE!!!!!<<<<<<
al 3 inzamelpunten bekend, graag voor
naar een van onderstaande adressen! Deadline is 11 december.


We hebben een Sinterklaas/kerst actie bedacht. Kinderen kunnen voor 5,- een kadootje geven aan de kinderen op St Maarten in de vorm van een dans/theaterles of een maaltijd. In ruil daarvoor maken we in februari (als we daar zijn) een filmpje waarin de kinderen op St Maarten de kinderen in Nederland persoonlijk zullen bedanken. Hoe leuk is dat? Zeker in de december maand waarin we zoveel geven, is het ook mooi om te geven aan hen die zo goed als niets meer hebben. Spread the word, spread the Love!

23473287_2029393483971252_5647211522068838221_n Help ons helpen? Schrijf de volgende namen ook op als je lootjes gaat trekken en maak de kinderen op St. Maarten voor 5,- blij met een leuke les of een lekkere maaltijd. Alles wat voor ons zo normaal is, is voor hen daar heel bijzonder! Delen is lief.
Ook Lucia Marthas helpt ons helpen. Ze is zelf ook nauw betrokken geweest bij de Caribische eilanden omdat er ook leerlingen van de eilanden aan haar opleidingen studeren. We zijn echt superblij met haar steun. Hier zie je Lucia in actie, een inspiratie voor velen.


OMG! We just got the best news tonight! We found a sponsor for our airfares. (or actually he found us) We can book the tickets tomorrow! We are totally speechless and so so so so grateful. ❤ ❤ ❤ For those of you who didn’t know yet: We are going to St Maarten in February to volunteer for Animal Defenders St. Maarten and @National institute of Arts-NIA. Please support us, check our website http://www.helpsxm.org or facebook page: Helpsxm. Donations are very welcome for meals and classes.


La Source schrijft vandaag dit bericht op hun Facebook:
to all our SXM friends: happy Sint Maarten Day! Celebrating our beautiful island, moving on towards a positive future. And have an amazing relay! In afstand ver weg, in gedachten dichtbij! ❤


Daantje burger Alweer geweldig nieuws!!!!!! Daantje food & drinks houdt een charity dinner voor ons, zodat we de kinderen op St Maarten kunnen helpen met gezonden maaltijden en theaterlessen! Zo blij, zo dankbaar! Dikke dank lieve Daantje en Phil! Dat jullie ons willen helpen helpen! Komen jullie eten? Win-win situatie? Liefs, DJ en Joost

https://www.facebook.com/events/1973861636159991/Check our vlogs here!